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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well as you know, Christmas has passed already. We did have a white Christmas which was fun. Christmas morning was a blast. My family except Liz and Joe opened presents with my grandparents and ate cinnamon rolls. I got some cool stuff. Got a couple of PS2 games. I also got a really cool Burton backpack and duffle bag. I got some really neat cds. Later that day my cousins came over and we ate a feast. My cousin got a dog and then dropped it on its head. Its okay thought. I mean the dog. My cousin got married two days after Christmas. That was a very icy day. We almost got into two wrecks getting there and coming home. The day after Christmas my brother-in-law and I went to mall and I got a really cool hat. Its black white and red. It says NY on it. A couple days before Christmas my Grandpa and I saw a raccoon in their tree. So I got a broomstick and pushed him out of the tree then chased him and wacked him a couple times. BTW it was the tamest coon you would have ever seen. didn't hiss or anything.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Wow that last post i just wrote is really lame. Sorry. lol


Hi. I have no idea what to write about anymore. Its really depressing isn't it lol. Well Christmas is really close. Its this thursday. But then again you prolly new that. There are blizzard warnings tomorrow so its gonna be interesting. At least it will be a white christmas. I went snowboarding last week with some friends for the first time this winter. I had a blast. I didn't fall too much which I was happy about. I didn't fall off of a jump though. That kinda hurt. Today I went to my Great-Uncle's funeral. He left this world last week. A couple of months ago I got a new phone. I am really happy with it. Now I really have nothing to write about so i'm gonna get off this thingy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Its been a very long time since I have posted so I decided to write again. So I have been taking drivers ed and I finish tuesday. I have been watching the olympics alot. My favorite is gymnastics and swimming. The cool thing about the gymnastics is that Shawn Johnson is from Des Moines and thats just a couple hours away. Well even though its been awhile since I posted I can't think of anything else to say. Oh wait! My friends Adam and Becky came here lastweek for a couple of days. We went out to another friends house where we played airsoft have a cookout and did fireworks. I had a Louissiana Whistler shot at me. Scared me but it was all good.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sonshine 08!

This past weekend I went to Sonshine again. It was a blast! This time we had a big group of 17 ppl. I new half of them. The others I became friends with by the end of the fest. It was an awesome year. It only stormed once and rained just alittle. During the storm the tent I was in blew over so we got to go look for another tent to get in while it was raining.

The pic up above (with the blue tent) is what I did with another person to the Johnson's tent. The other one someone else did. They had more tape than I :(. We did it around 2 in the morning when they were asleep.
We also had fun in the mosh pits at the main stage concerts. I went crowd surfing twice. It was fun.
On the first night some of the people who were still up went groceri shopping at 130 in the morning. It was fun. Nobody was there except us. We rounded up 200 plus dollars for all the food.
I got a cool new shirt that said "free high fives". I forgot that I had it on sometimes and ppl would come up to me and be like "high five!" and I'd just look at them weird and keep walking. Then I would remember I had it on. Well I got to go to bed.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This weekend was the 4th of July. Liz and Joe came down to celebrate with us. I went up a couple days before to go to Valley Fair with their youth group. I rode on the biggest rollercoaster there and loved it.
Saturday I went to a friends 16th birthday party. We played games and swam. They have a pool about four feet deep and 20 feet in diameter. We started jumping off their little jungle gym into the water until his younger sister said "hey Sam, jump off the tree house." So I climbed up to the top of the tree house and made the mistake of looking down. 12 feet is alot higher when you are looking down than when your on the ground. After about3 min of thinking how or if I should jump and everybody starring and scream "jump jump jump jump..." I jumped. It didn't hurt at all and I rushed out of the pool to do it again this time with a couple of crazy friends. We all jumped around 10 times and then stopped. Then we decided to go dripping wet into a burning hot street made of asphalt and lay down. We lay there screaming in pain and laughing at the same time. If you listened closly you could hear the water sizziling. Then when we were all dry we did it again and again. When we finished we looked at our black stomaches and laughed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time to Think

I was thinking about some of the issues in this world. Some of them make me very angry. Well you start off this weekend I went to NICHE and started to think about all the arguments in the world. NICHE is a homeschool conference.
One of the issues that makes me angry is homosexuality. People say that "oh I was born gay its just my nature". Well that's a BIG lie. When a farmer has some animals and he sees two of the same sex trying to mate and not interested in the others he will get rid of them. Why? Because its first wrong and also NOT natural. But for some reason in society people think that its ok for humans to be gay but not animals and that we have some sort of excuse. That just makes me SICK! When I was talking to a man at the NICHE conference he had some very good points. When two people of the same gender decide that they are going to get married it is a perversion of what it is marrige supposed to be. The Bible says that marrige is supposed to be between a man and a women. NOT a man and man or a women and women.
Lets say that you see two people eating. The first person is putting the food into their mouths. The second person is putting the food up their nose. Would you knowing that you eat with your mouth believe the second person when they say "I like to eat this way. I was born to eat like this"? I think NOT! Well that is the exact same thing with homosexuality. People say that its normal but its not. Its not natural and its not Biblical.

Another subject is abortion. Why do people say its alright to kill an innocent human life before it is born but then not ok after birth. Lets say that I kill two people. One person is your average guy middle age 30-40 years. Now let the second person be a baby that has been born only an hour ago. Now what is worse killing the baby or the man. Neither is worse. Now lets say that Theres a baby that was born an hour ago and theres another that will be born in one hour. Lets say I kill both. Your average person would now say that it is alright to kill the baby that isn't born yet but not the baby that is born. Why? What is the difference? Just because the first baby is breathing and the second one isn't? People say the reason is because the baby that isn't born can't fend for its self so its alright to kill. But isn't it also true that if you left the one hour baby alone for a week you would come back to see it dead? Did it fend for itself? No. My view about pregnancy is this. Even though the mother of the child is holding the baby. Its not hers. Its Gods. She is just carrying it for Him temporarily. Its like when you let a friend borrow something of yours and he lets another person borrow the thing and so on. Just because the person is holding onto the thing and taking care of it doesn't mean that it is theirs. It is still yours.

Another thing is the bill that the UN is trying to pass. If you haven't heard the bill is basicly giving a child the right to do whatever he wants and you as a parent can't do anything. If you try to do something then you will get fined. Now do you think that that is what society needs right now? A ton of children running around doing what ever he wants and you not being able to stop him or her. Last time I checked children are not capable to take care of them selves to a certain extent. The reason why there are families is so that the parents can help the children learn and help them mature.

I hope that you will think about some of the issues that I talked about. Stand up for what is right not just for what is easy and fun. For all the teenagers who are reading this change this generation. Don't let people think that teenagers are just dumb and lazy. I strongly recommend reading the book "Do Hard Things" by the Harris Brothers. They talk about rebelling against the low expectations of a teen. Do we want to be known for being lazy and dumb or do we want to be known for taking the extra step and rebelling against those low expectations.?